Monday, 16 August 2010

Mens Deadmau5 boutique t-shirt

Hey, sorry to people who are still waiting on the first design I did for Deadmau5(mask mau5)they are doing a massive re order so they will be back in stock soon I would say in the next 2 weeks! I will let everyone know when I have the exact date. Any way I hope everyone will like the new designs I have done! Which I will post on my blog soon and thank you for all the amazing emails I have received about the first design

Hannah xx



  1. Hi there, I know that this is a old post, but is there any possibility of getting these shirts still. I love the design and have not been able to find them for sale. Or something similar as your work is amazing. Any help will be greatly appriciated. My e-mail is

  2. Hi! Where can I gett a tshirt likethis?
    Thanks for your time. waiting for your reply:


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