Sunday, 5 November 2017

Backstage at Glastonbury on the balcony

Probably one of the best times of my life, Glastonbury  backstage and on the balcony at the Pyramid stage photos below


Hey, I've been in L.A and its been crazy. I have been living with one of my favourite artists of all time sing singer writer Kelis,  I would sit with her and we would watch films nearly ever night she was just like this wizard who was really 200 years old that knew everything, had been there and done it especially with fashion a true rock star. Her ideas with fashion were so innovative and original she is a true artist and has really inspired me. As many people know she has been a muse to Matthew Williamson and so many designers for years that it feels like a dream that she wants to wear my designs and really loves my work. Her garage is like an archive of fashion, dresses sent from Matthew Williamson, Christopher Kane, Alexander McQueen, Donatella Versace there is like a history of fashion just in her garage and a whole floor of her house just for her shoes. She really loves my work and has pushed me well told me that I have to do my own line. Currently I'm making clothes for Kelis and I have a manager that is helping me to get my dresses out to other celebrities aswell. I'm moving into a new studio which is also going to be used as a shop and office. Me and Kelis have decided to work on a fashion line together which we will bring out hopefully soon, it shows you anything can happen your whole life can change very quickly too. I'm going to keep you updated with everything that happens and moving into my studio aswell xx

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Hannah Morrison design's Madeon's EP cover The city

I have recently been commissioned by the French electronic producer Madeon to design his EP cover The City and other designs which was a huge pleasure working with him 

I wanted to create something strong that I felt represented all the elements of Madeon, a hint of Greek mythology, Icarus for the feathers, an arrow from the launch pad and his secret alphabet. I created layers of paint and textures to add to this element of secrecy and mystery .The whole design is hand drawn and painted using pencil for the feathers to give a softer lighter feel and heavier layers of paint and other mediums on top

You can listen and buy Madeon's EP The City here



Sunday, 12 August 2012


Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Hannah Morrison's Calvin Harris skull illustration hits retail, giving tour t-shirts the boutique look that helps to cross over artists merchandise to high street fashion

My Calvin Harris skull illustration is selling on Calvin's online shop and also in various high street stores. It's nice as a designer to see your work available to the mass market so that everyone can have the chance to see and buy your work

Also a big thank you to to Calvin Harris's management company 360 who I work very closely with creating quality boutique style t-shirts for their artists

The design was created using pencil,pen and acrylic

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


I was just looking through my old photos on my laptop and found these, a photoshoot I did with Sofia toufa aka SOFI  for her boutique range of t-shirts I designed
 I met Sofi in London as she was down for a few days to shoot her music video. We headed  down to Liverpool street for coffee and brick lane for a really fun shoot.

I choose Micheal Staurt Daley as the photographer, I really love his work and hope to collaborate with him again soon


 Foreign beggars and Sub Focus wearing Sofi boutique range t-shirt designed by Hannah Morrison from Blonde Noir